Global TeleDoc’s roots are in healthcare, technology, business process solutions, and lifetime sports management: we understand the foundations of the Wellness industry, and how changes in approaches to personal and employee engagement, client and customer satisfaction, the coming-of-age of healthcare technology, and the increasingly retail approach to healthcare have brought the world to a Wellness “tipping point”.

Our easily accessible and implementable technology solutions help people get healthier. When seamlessly included in an existing Corporate Wellness Strategy, deployed by a Healthcare System or Hospital, or released to specific clients by Physician Practices and Groups, Global TeleDoc systems are easy and fun to use.

Global TeleDoc's platform is powered by APPORTIS™, picked by Web Summit 2017 as one of the most innovative software solutions in the United States, and recently enhanced and upgraded to be even more accessible and customizable. APPORTIS™ actively engages users in their health and wellness objectives by connecting them to curated information, events, applications, and even on-demand coaching via HIPPA compliant videos.

In addition to the base application, features such as Rewards Programs, Live Coaching, and wireless connectivity can be implemented. End users can access this platform where they live -- on their smartphone, their tablet, their personal activity trackers, and on their home and work computers. Employers, healthcare operations, and Providers can use APPORTIS™ to serve up health and wellness information directly to specific clients.

This personalized, simple to use, standalone application provides users with a “cafeteria” of selections that fit their interests and goals. Regular engagement can also be driven by challenges created by an HR Department, a personal Physician, Coach, or Nutritionist, so as to help users make lasting changes to their lifestyle.

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